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Priority Support From August 2012 to July 2013

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1. Support For Missionary
Pastor Lim and his local workers appreciate your prayers and partnership in working together to reach the unreached millions in Myanmar, Thailand and China. Be a part of the training and teaching, empowering them with skills and strategies with your prayers and providing support.


2. Prayer and Support For Hostel Sponsorship & Building/Furnishings
We need $50 monthly sponsorship to evangelize and empower each teen we bring into the hostel
We urgently need $4,000 for the bedding and tables/chairs for the hostel

Our hostel need 40 sponsors to reach 40 Karen/
Hmong hill tribe teenage boys & girls

3. Support For Yunnan Bible Seminary
Help provide support to any number of our 125 Bible Students! Each ethnic minority student studying at the Institution represent the thousands if not, millions of unreached people behind them in their villages and province. We need USD50 to support one student each month!

Yunnan Minorities Students at the Bible Seminary
Pray and Provide Support for the students

Your Asian partner and passage to working with the minorities in Thailand, the marginalized in Myanmar and the magnificient in China!